Regals Opening


        REGAL Chinese name “ROYAL” since 1979. Our writing category has 24 major series, mainly in Fountain pen, Roller pen and Ball pen. Fountain pen with ink converter, Roller pen with replaceable roller pen refill, Ball pen is also equipped with a replaceable ball pen refill.

         REGAL brand registered in some of key countries and by the international exhibition introduce REGAL brand, our products market in Europe, America, Asia, Latin America, middle east and other 60 countries and with 30 countries established “Regal” brand sales agent. We called our agents “Regal Family”, its visibility and international market share enough to be classified as a global brand.

       We have accumulated 30 years experience in R&D, our quality and goodwill approved by our customers. We also make OEM and ODM for well-known international brand worldwide, their brand footmark market all around the world. In operation, we value on customer services to consumers and market-oriented production and share the sales to reach a double-win goal and carry out sustainable operations philosophy.

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